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Juniper Clinic Specialises in Women's Health

At the Juniper Clinic, we have a specialist interest in Women’s Health.  Whether you are simply trying to regulate your menstrual cycle, trying to manage conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS, or trying to improve your chances of pregnancy, it is always helpful to understand how things work and what you can do yourself to help.  Below is some useful information to help you understand your body better and to know what to do for it!

We place great importance on the menstrual cycle as the foundation to Women’s Health.  This is because it is thought that by focussing on and regulating the cycle, gynaecological issues such as endometriosis, PCOS and infertility will begin to partially rectify themselves.  This is because normalising each phase of the menstrual cycle (and ensuring that the reproductive organs are functioning as they should), it will likely also treat the patient’s main gynaecological complaint.

By understanding what is happening during each phase, we can implement treatment and lifestyle advice to encourage the cycle and help maintain regularity – We essentially want to ensure that during each phase everything happens as it should and when it should.  Below is some information about each phase, and some lifestyle advice to help:

Your Menstrual Cycle

Phase 1, Menstruation

Days 1-5 

The first phase of our menstrual cycle begins as we start menstruation and begin to bleed.  This should last for around 5 days, and is actually considered to be the most important phase as we are getting rid of the old so that we can begin the new.  It is important that we have a smooth flow of blood to properly shed the uterine lining ready for the next phase.  It is also considered that this phase is important for the release of ’emotional debris’ that we collect throughout the month due to the release of hormones within the Blood.

Phase 1 is a time for rest and rejuvenation, and also when our hormone levels are at their lowest.  Therefore, you may feel more fatigued and lazy than usual (and that’s ok!).

Foods at this time should have a focus on ecouraging the movement of Blood and regulating our energy for a smooth flow.  Cooking methods that feel nourishing and healing such as warm soups or bone broth (rich in collagen and amino acids to help with rebuilding), stir fries with plenty of steamed and cruciferous vegetables, and algae such as spirulina and chlorella to help nourish the blood are excellent choices.

Take it easy during this phase – no crazy HIIT workouts, and no lifting heavy! Enjoy a gentle walk in nature and enjoy the down time.

Phase 2, Follicular Phase

Days 6-13

Phase 2 is known as the Follicular phase due to the maturing of the egg follicles as well as the building of a fresh uterine lining.  At the beginning of this phase, the Blood and ‘Yin’ substances are deficient due to the recent release through menstruation – We therefore need to place emphasis on replenishing the vital substances and supporting the Blood.

This phase is particularly important, especially for fertility, as a strong foundation of Yin must be built in order for the Yang to activate and grow. In other words, if the foundations of a house are not solid, the structure will be weak and it will only last a short while before it collapses (miscarriage), or even worse you are just unable to build a house at all because the foundations are just too fragile (no ovulation). The organs that are focused on during this time are the Liver, Kidneys, and the Spleen. To increase energy, the focus with your diet should be on increasing iron rich foods and vitamin B12.  Some iron rich foods include grass-fed beef, organic chicken  or wild caught fish such as Salmon.  Eggs during this phase of the cycle can also be very nourishing.

For vegetarian sources of iron, dark leafy greans can be very helpful. To enhance the absorption of plant-based iron, you can add vitamin C and some healthy fats – for example, bell peppers, lemon juice, olive oil and avacado with some nuts and seeds.

During this phase, slowly increase the amount of exercise and focus on cardiovascular exercise as opposed to lifting heavy.

Phase 3, Ovulation

Days 13-15

The third phase of our cycle is ovulation. This is also known as the part where the ovaries release a mature egg that travels through the fallopian tube towards the uterus in order to (potentially) be fertilised by the sperm.  This is the shortest part of a woman’s cycle, lasting only a couple of days.

It is important at this time that our emotions are stabilised for ovulation to occur and that the Heart is open. This helps with the opening of the cervix so that the sperm can get through to the egg.  This is why the emotional connection during sex is important for conception to occur and that trying for a baby isn’t made a chore!

Phase 3 is also a time where oestrogen is at its peak, so being more social and verbally engaging is more common and more comfortable around this part of your cycle!

Foods at this time should assist the rising of Yang.  The Yang energy helps to mobilise the Blood providing warmth to the lower part of our body and enable the egg to move smoothly through to the Uterus. Lightly cooked, steamed foods help this process whilst cold/raw foods can hinder the latter part of our cycle and cause stagnation or slow things down.

Eat until 75-80% full, and allow a good 3-4 hours between meals to aid the digestion process. The digestive system plays a huge role in the production of blood, which is essential for health and to keep the body lubricated and functioning optimally.  By not overburdening the digestive system, you help in this process and allow the Qi to flow freely withing the abdomen.

Phase 4, Luteal Phase

Days 15-28

The last phase of our cycle is known at the luteal phase due to the role of the luteinising hormone.  This is the longest phase of our cycle and often the least affected phase when it comes to irregular cycles.

This phase can actually be split into two, with the first part being dominated by Yang, which essentially governs the rising of progesterone (very important in early pregnancy) and the thickening of the uterine lining. The latter of this phase is governed by the Liver, which is responsible for regulating the Blood and metabolising hormones that would have normally been required should pregnancy have occurred.  If the Liver is unable to do this due to being under strain, then hello PMT!! …. Sore boobs, irritability, cramps, yes Hi we see you!

Foods at this time should focus on assisting the Yang and Qi.  Therefore warming and light foods such as soups and stews with a very small amount of spice are excellent.  Too much meat should be avoided as this can cause stagnation and hinder our body’s focus on supporting the Uterus. Other foods, such as sweet potato, vegetables and greens to nourish the Blood are also important.

More intense exercise can be done in this phase to assist in the movement of Blood and reducing stagnation.  Stretching and opening up the joints is also important during this phase.

ian lawton
ian lawton
Rieke was something I’ve never experienced before,it was different,enjoyable & I walked away feeling good
clare jones
clare jones
My first session could not have gone more smoothly! Felt at ease the whole time and wasn’t pressured into anything .: will deffo be back for more sessions!
Mrs L
Mrs L
Honestly, the best acupuncture clinic have ever been too. I have never felt so in tune with my body, and I now have a regular cycle due to my treatment plan. ALL the ladies are amazing - especially Andrea & Kate. Kate has such a wealth of knowledge in all areas and will really go the extra mile to help you. If you are considering starting any treatments, I strongly advise going to the Juniper clinic!! Thank you again ladies - I cant wait for my journey to continue with you!
Rachael Bagshaw
Rachael Bagshaw
Can’t remember the last time an hour felt so fast! Fantastic massage 💕
Vicky Leeming
Vicky Leeming
Kate has been amazing and broke my HTMA down so that’s I could easily digest it as it’s so complicated to look at, she really went into detail and gave me so many wonderful tips to rebalance my minerals and recommended supplements to help. I feel like I have guidance and I’m really looking forward to our next session with updated mineral results. I highly recommend Kate.
Michelle Crangle
Michelle Crangle
I had an online appointment with Kate following receipt of my HTMA test. Kate was so incredibly helpful. She really took the time to go through every detail of the report with me and explained it in a really relatable way. Kate is a wealth of knowledge on all things hormone health and more. Talking to her really made things click in a way that hadn't before. She gave me all the in depth info I needed but then also summarised it into achievable smaller steps for me, so it didn't all feel overwhelming. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone that needs some specialist support with their hormone health. She's incredibly professional, knowledgable but also very personable and accommodating.
Kate Bradshaw
Kate Bradshaw
Words will never be enough to explain how grateful I am to have found Kate. What Kate doesn’t know about women’s health, hormones, and fertility is not worth knowing. Having PCOS my periods were irregular, I was advised by my GP I would need to be medicated if I wanted to try for a baby. However with regular acupuncture, lifestyles changes and supplements as advised by Kate my periods became regular and I conceived naturally a few months later. Your success story’s speak volumes Kate! Your worth your weight in gold, I’ll forever be thankful for you 💙
Jennifer Case
Jennifer Case
Kate makes you feel at ease instantly, the information you receive is easily processed and inciteful~ I felt I understood more about myself just from the consultation alone~ the follow up was fast, detailed and contained all the information I needed for the next steps, looking forward to what’s next! Thankyou
Kelly Baldwin
Kelly Baldwin
Recently started acupuncture at Juniper and can honestly say it's been the best experience, from getting messages with advice from Kate on what treatment to have to booking in and having fortnightly sessions with Katrina. It's such a lovely relaxing place to go, I absolute love going and already feel so much calmer so thank you!